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普仑斯We manufacture and market a broad range of OEM  and brand labeled pumps for diverse markets such as oil&Gas ,Mining,Chemical ,Power,Hydrocarbon and water resources; in addition to providing manufacturing services--to broad rang of international OEM customers.


we have developed a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, includeing in-house,in-line cast iron and cast steel foundry production lines, a well developed modern machine shop with the lastest CNC equipment,and an engineering depatment with 30 engineers untilizing the lastest 3D CAD and simulation software. Manufacturing has a comprehensive set of modern inspection and diagnostic equipment;our quality standards conform to ISO9001: 2015

Established in 2010, our history is deeply rooted in technology. We have made continuous improvements in capital equipment and company wide process control. To meet the needs of the Global markets we have made significant investments in high volume manufacturing and modern computer based engineering and inspection equipment.
We focus on providing Quality products at a reasonable price, with prompt support.


Add: No.1.Pulin Road,Lintun Industrial Zone,Songxi,Fujian,China 353500
0086 13906920529 0086-15060019813
Email: sales@pasonpump.comsales@preeminencepump.com


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