Established in 2010,Preeminence Pump is a comprehensive Pump Factory who Specialized in Pump Design,Development,Manufacture and Marketing. The Mainly Products of Preeminence Pump include End Suction Pump(DIN24255 and ISO2858 Standard),Self Priming Sewage Pump,Diesel Engine Pump and ect.After more than 10 Years development,Preeminence Pump was awarded to be National High-Tech Enterprise,Little Tech.Giant enterprise and ect.

  At present,Preeminence Pump already reach 30,000 PCS Yearly production Capacity and offer pumps to clients from more than 80's different countries

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One- stop of manufacture/machining line from casting foundry to finished products by our sleves, manufacturer specialize in producing standard DIN24255/EN 733 and ISO2858/5199 Industry end suction centrifugal pump.

Quality and reliability 

Our centrifugal pumps are designed and manufactured to guarantee quality, reliability and safety in the pumping of all types of fluids.

Delivery times

Our own casting foundry &  manufacturing centres and our extensive stock allow us to reduce delivery times so that your project is not delayed it can help you expand more market

Technical team

Using the experience that we have accumulated over more than 20 years. Our team of professionals in fluid transfer, we are also working together with hydraulic university to design&develop new products

Excellent after sales service 

Quickly and professionaly respond to client's enquiry.

Service commitment ——

Adhere to the market-oriented and vigorously implement the management policy of "people-oriented".


Provide customers with high-quality industrial and chemical pumps used in special industries.


Quality makes the brand and integrity casts the future

Precautions for water pump maintenance

Precautions for water pump maintenance

First, the water pipeline must ensure a high degree of sealing, and check whether the connection between the water pump and the water pipeline is loose. Second, add bearing lubricating oil to the bearing body to observe that the oil level should be at the center line of the oil mark, and the lubricating oil should be replaced or replenished in time. After 500 hours of operation of the oil-immersed water pump, the sealed oil must be replaced once. The oil in the water pump motor cavity should also be replaced once a year. Fourth, close the gate valve, outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum gauge of the outlet pipe of the water pump. Fifth, start the water pump motor, and try to see if the rotation direction of the water pump motor is correct. Start the water pump motor, when the water pump is running normally, open the outlet pressure gauge, if the pressure is suitable, gradually open the gate valve, and check whether the water pump motor is under load. Sixth, try to control the flow and head of the water pump within the specified range to ensure that the water pump runs at the highest efficiency point in order to obtain the greatest energy-saving effect. Seventh, during the operation of the pump, the bearing temperature should not exceed the ambient temperature of 35C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 80C. Eighth, if there is any abnormal sound from the water pump, stop and check the cause immediately. Before stopping the water pump, the gate valve and pressure gauge must be closed before stopping the water pump motor. Ninth, adjust the packing gland frequently to ensure that the leakage in the packing chamber is normal. Tenth, check the wear of the water pump shaft sleeve regularly, and replace it in time when the wear is large. Eleventh. If the water pump is out of service for a long time, it is necessary to disassemble the water pump completely, wipe off the water, apply grease to the rotating parts and joints, and store them properly. Twelfth, the mechanical seal lubrication should be clean and free of solid particles. It is strictly forbidden for the mechanical seal to work under dry grinding conditions. Thirteenth, the water pump motor should be turned several times before starting, so as to avoid sudden start and cause the sealing ring to break and damage. Fourteenth, the pump cannot be operated for a long time under the cavitation state. Be sure to prevent the water pump from rusting: when the water pump is not in use, it should be wiped clean and placed in a ventilated and dry place. If the surface of the electric water pump is damaged and peeled off, the rust should be removed in time, and anti-rust paint should be applied to protect it. Fifteenth, it is forbidden to run the water pump motor over current for a long time when the water pump is running at a flow rate. When checking the operation of the water pump regularly, the motor of the water pump runs for a long time with overcurrent. Sixteenth, the water pump should be supervised by a special person during operation to avoid accidents. Seventeenth, the bearing should be refueled every 500 hours of operation of the water pump. The water pump motor power is greater than 11KW and equipped with a refueling device, which can be directly injected with a high-pressure oil gun to ensure excellent bearing lubrication. Eighteenth. After the water pump has been running for a long time, if the noise and vibration of the unit increase due to mechanical wear, the unit should be stopped for inspection, and the vulnerable parts and bearings can be replaced if necessary. Nineteenth, do a good job of comprehensive maintenance. Generally every two years of use, the water pump must be comprehensively maintained. For the worn parts and the parts with poor sealing performance, repairs that can be repaired, and those that cannot be repaired must be replaced completely. Do not use reluctantly. So as not to bring serious consequences. Generally, the above nineteen points should be done well when using the water pump, which can greatly increase the service life of the water pump and also bring us more convenience.


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